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September 15th 2023



the crimson cloak book by author aquila


Paperback: 0228894522
Hardcover:  0228894530
Ebook: 0228894549


Paperback: 9780228894520
Hardcover: 9780228894537
Ebook: 9780228894544

Van has never met her grandmother, or any of her extended family before, so the last thing she expects is to be invited for a summer trip the day she turns 18. Now she’s on her way to a world she never knew about, one that’s just across the ocean and another through a doorway she didn’t mean to walk through. Going home is now just a matter of mastering abilities she didn’t know she had and learning to trust people she’s only just met. All the while, a fairytale stalks through the darkness, hungry for mortal blood.

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