Aquila's Art & Commission Prices

General Art Commissions

Open to Humanoids/Animals/Anthros/Fanart/Other
(if you’re not sure, feel free to ask)

I do not draw sexually explicit art. 


  • Flat Color 7$CAD 
  • Full Shade 10$CAD


  • Flat Color 15$CAD
  • Full Color 20$CAD



  • Flat Color 20$CAD
  • Full Color 25$CAD

Add ons

  • Background +10CAD (Note: Transparent and solid color backgrounds are free)
  • Additional Character +50% of subtotal price per character.
  • Based off written description +10$CAD

Notice: Requesting characters with extreme complexity may be subject to an additional 5$ fee.

For the purposes of pricing the following are defined:
Headshots- Images containing no more (but may be less) than the subject’s head, shoulders and upper chest.
Halfbody – Images containing no more (but may be less) than head to mid-thigh.
Fullbody – Images containing more than head to mid-thigh. 

YCH Base Art

These terms of service are subject to change without notice. Art created before the change will be held to the standard established in the previous TOS unless previous documentation to prove former TOS terms cannot be provided. In which case, the most recent TOS will be considered to be in effect over all current artwork.

Art commissioned by Aquila must be paid in advance upon receipt of acceptance of the request and receipt of the full bill for artwork. Aquila will only begin the art once payment has been received. Aquila retains the right to deny any commission request for any reason.

Once paid, Aquila promises to complete the art to her best ability in a timely fashion. Commissions received and paid for will be ordered based upon the date of receipt. You may at any time request an update on your art but this may slow the process somewhat. Current art commissions and statuses can be checked on the website.

Once completed, you may post the art to any site or location you wish with the requirement that you do not claim the art as your own. On sites where Aquila has a presence (Instagram, Deviantart, Toyhouse, Twitter @Aquilapurr) you will be expected to credit her to her account. Otherwise, the art may be posted how you wish so long as you do not claim the art as your own. Aquila retains the right to publish commissioned art on her website/socials with credit to the owner where applicable.

Aquila’s bases may not be used without express permission by anyone except Aquila. You may not edit your own characters over one of her bases. Even if you credit Aquila, you cannot use her bases without permission. You may not edit Aquila’s art and claim it as your own. Any of these actions will be considered to constitute plagiarism.

Commission prices are subject to change without notice as the artist’s time/skill changes. Commissions accepted before the change will not be charged for the change. New commission requests will be charged with the most current commission prices.

If you are unhappy with the work you received you are within your rights to leave a negative review or comment so that Aquila may learn from her mistakes. Hate speech will not be tolerated. Refunds will not be offered for finished work.

There will be no full refunds offered except in the case of unfinished work canceled by Aquila with the exception of work canceled for breaking the terms of this TOS. Work canceled for breaking the terms of this agreement will not be refunded. If you wish to cancel a commission you may do so at any time, a partial refund may be offered depending on how complete the commissioned art is.

Failure to comply with the agreed upon TOS may result in the following;
Termination of Commissioned works
Legal Action

Requesting a Commission

To request a commission just fill out this form and send me a message on any of my social medias or through my contact page. 

Name/Username: (who you are)
Instagram: (Optional. I like to post commission art on insta. Please provide a username for linking if you have insta.)
Contact: (Optional. If you wish to be contacted outside of the method you used to request the commission.)
Request: (Please include a short description of the type of art you would like to commission along with any references)
I have read and agree to Aquila’s TOS: Yes or No
Notes: (Optional. Anything else you want me to know/special requests.)

Current Commissions
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